Who’s got it?  Who needs it? Where do you find it?

Although I *never* have time, I can seem to make it when I need it.  What’s the recipe, you ask? Darned if I know. As a FT working mom of 4 plus 2 side hustles -- I seem to be able to find that extra time to help with a school project, bake that treat, volunteer.  I used to stress about fitting it all in but it does end up working out. My husband likes to say, eh, it’ll all work out. My reply: YES, it does because “I” make it happen.

My life dynamic changed drastically 8 plus years ago.  I was a single mom with one son. I met my now husband and then became party of 5.  Wow, so yeah, laundry, meals, just overall coordination of the who, what, when just increased exponentially.  Throw in a baby for some added fun and your life has the ability to turn upside down. Now, I can fully say that having our last baby was a big blessing -- the baby I never thought I’d have.  The baby I got to share with an amazing group of sons and husband. I tried everything to “manage” and control how my life played out -- any mom in the trenches will tell you that it’s impossible (she’s right, by the way).  I tried to uber plan Pinterest meals (enter take out and peapod), keep the house clean (enter cleaning person), get all the laundry done (enter Amazon for packs of new undies)... You just make it work. Did I feel like a fail?  Yeah, sometimes, but overall was just happy and in love with my family.  Many times I have had moms tell me they don’t know how I do it all.  I am always sure to tell them I DON’T! No one can. You just do the best you can and prioritize.  I phone it in when I need to. My wins are more than my fails and that makes me happy.    I think at the end of the day, when you can all go to sleep (in fairly clean sheets) with full tummies and feeling secure and loved… it’s always a win.

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  • How relatable is this post? I have two kids and a husband and I can’t manage it all either! Just what I needed to hear today…progress, not perfection.


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