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The Good Box | Subscription Box | Gift for Her | The Good Life Creations

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Honestly, what's better than a TREAT.  This is a treat you buy yourself or a lovely treat to gift someone else.  

Important dates:

  • You may choose a one time box OR a monthly subscription
  • You will be charged on the 15th of the month prior.  So, on April 15th you will be charged for the May subscription box.  My goal is to ship by the 15th of the next month.  Given that I'm using these for mother's day - I will be shipping sooner so they are received prior to the holiday.
  • Cut off for one time orders or new subscriptions may vary depending on inventory.  If i can get a box out to you -- I absolutely WILL! 
  • I am keeping the contents a surprise.  Come on, it's SO fun!!
  • You may cancel your box prior to your card being charged on the 15th.  

All items in this box are procured by ME --> The Good Life owner/creator --> maker of all things GOOD.  As you can see from shop, this box will have some wonderfully made products made by me and some other fun things in there just because.  This box's value will always be more than what you pay for it - each month I will give you that value.  

I will always ask for sizes even if I don't include something that requires a size.  Sometimes it will, sometimes it won't.  It's a surprise!  I will not reveal contents until most have had a chance to receive the box so it keeps the surprise for as long as possible.  

This first box will either be just a fun awesome box OR a fun awesome box for MOM.  You choose!